Wooden Analog iPhone Speaker

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I just love this old school wooden speaker for the iPhone.  Made of solid walnut, this speaker uses the old “hear the ocean in the shell” technique to amplify your tunes.  Fits all sizes of iPhones (and iPod Touch I would imagine).  Men love stuff made of wood, it doesn’t get much more awesome than this!

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Gifts for Him: Backpack Cooler Chair!

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I bet you’ve never seen a gift for men like this before.  It’s a personalized backpack cooler chair!  It’s perfect for tailgate parties and taking a picnic on the go.    Just pack it full of food, sling it on your back, and head out to the party!  When you get there, you’re sure to have a seat because it’s included!  It folds out to be a little chair.  So, no more excuses.  Just get out the Backpack Cooler Chair
for the coolest picnic around!

Gifts For Men:  Convenience and Easy Carrying

Gifts for MenHow many times have you been asked to bring food to a party?  It’s easy with this cooler.  It’s big enough to fit a bunch of food.   And, now you won’t have to sit on the ground, you’ll have a handy little chair that can fit anywhere.

No more lugging around a heavy big cooler that takes two people to carry it.  Just fit what you need in this little backpack sized cooler and carry it on your back.  You can go by train, or bike and still have your cooler and your chair.  It’s perfect for taking down town, to the fireworks, or to the latest concert at the park!  Get in on the action with this awesome backpack cooler chair.  I know, it’s a mouthful, but it is really a great item!

Gifts For Men:  Get Two (One for Yourself)

Don’t keep it all to yourself.  Give it as a gift for men.  Guys love stuff like this!  We’re sure he’ll love it.  Great for young single men or even dads.  Who wouldn’t be able to find a bunch of great ways to use  a cooler like this?

New Gift Ideas: Personalized Baseball Canvas

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Brand New Gift Ideas:  Baseball Memorabilia

We’ve got a new product that you should know about.  It’s this incredible, yet simple personalized baseball canvas.  Baseball memorabilia is collected all over the world.  If you know someone who is crazy about baseball, you probably realized already that this could be the perfect new gift idea for him.  It is perfect for hanging on the wall of his den or “man-cave”  as some people call it.  It reads: [His name]’s dugout.  Established in [year].

Baseball Gifts: New Gift Ideas

New Gift Ideas: Baseball CanvasOf course, there are other sports available besides baseball if that’s not his cup of tea.  There is football, billiards and golf as well.  There’s even one that says home run tavern!  These have just been added last week to our store.  It’s something so new that you may not have seen anything like it before.  These are gallery wrapped canvases, like the ones seen in art galleries.  There’s no need for a frame.  Just hang it on the wall wherever you want to display his love of baseball, or whatever sport you choose.

New Gift Ideas: Gifts For Men

Click this link to find the perfect gift for him.  We’ve got it taken care of.  You can sit back and relax, knowing that whatever you choose from our store will be useful, appreciated, and perfect for whatever occasion you’re celebrating.  We pride ourselves on stocking unique gifts for the hard to shop for man in your life.  It’s what we do, and we’re darn good at it, too.

Gifts For Men: Fingernail Clippers For Guys

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Fingernail Clippers: Gifts For Men

Have you ever seen a man try to cut his fingernails?  He will fumble around with the tiny fingernail clippers and struggle to keep control of the undersized tool.  Well, finally there’s a fingernail clipper made for men.  It’s just right for man sized hands.

Gifts For Men: Fingernail Clippers For GuysI think it must be a conspiracy.  I think that someone in the fingernail clipper industry must have something against men.  Well, we’re on to them.  We’ve found this rare and useful set of fingernail clippers that are easy to handle and big enough for men’s hands.  Call it genius, call it luck, just make sure and buy a set of clippers for the man in your life.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it really does make you feel clumsy when you’re working with tiny clippers made for women.  Get him his own set made just for him.  It shows you care and understand him.

Don’t be a part of the conspiracy.  Be part of the solution.  Get the clippers straight from the source and give him the power he needs and deserves.  He’ll feel incredible when he’s got the control to clip his nails with ease.  We may need to hire a secret group of protectors to keep these clippers safe from those who are conspiring to keep them away from the public.

Father’s Day Gifts: High Polish Pocket Watch

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Right now, everyone is looking for the best Father’s Day gifts for their Dad.  And why shouldn’t they?  Father’s Day is almost here, and Dad’s been extra good this year.  It’s high time you told him just how much he means to you.

Everyone loves their Dad, of course, but sometimes, it’s hard to show him how you feel.  Of course, you can say, “I love you, Dad,” but it doesn’t seem like enough.  How about a great gift idea for him?

Fathers Day Gifts Pocket Watch

Father’s Day Gifts: Ideas For Dad

This high polish pocket watch is so shiny, you can see yourself clearly in it.  And, it comes with free personalization.  You can have up to three lines of 10 characters each.  Believe me, you can get a pretty good message in with that much space!

Men love pocket watches.  They’re a hit with children and grandkids, too.  He’ll be able to keep their attention as he shows them how it works, and teaches them how to tell time.  And, maybe one day, he’ll pass it on to one of them.

Why Give Father’s Day Gifts?

Fathers often feel unappreciated for all of the wonderful things they do.  That’s too bad, because they do so much for us every day.  Think about all of the things  your father does.  You probably can’t count the times he’s given up what he really wanted to do so that the family could have the things they need all the time.  He makes sure there’s food on the table and a roof over your head.  He gives up lots of things he used to do to spend time with the family and be there for you.  It’s time to give him a Father’s Day gift he will love:  this high polish pocket watch.

Gifts On Sale: Bottle Opener Key chain

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Gifts On SaleIt’s unique design is fitting for a man or a woman.  It can be inscribed with up to three initials for a personalized touch.  It’s easy to use, unlike those clunky bottle openers you usually see.  Gifts this nice are usually very expensive and hard to find.  We’ve taken care of both of those problems.

This takes the top off of beer bottles and glass soda bottles.  And it’s always handy because it’s a key chain and it clips easily to a belt loop or a purse or backpack.  You’ll be glad you’ve got this bottle opener ready to go.  Your friends will be glad, too.  Hey, they may even buy you a drink so that you’ll let them use it on theirs.   (Trust me, it works!)

Since they’re willing to buy you a drink, you may want to get them their own bottle opener key chain, too.  After all, they’re gifts on sale, remember?  Gifts that you give away to your friends and family.  It’s only right.

Buy yours and your friend’s bottle opener key chains
here.  But hurry… time’s flying fast!  May is almost halfway over.  And when May’s over, the sale’s over!  So, if you’re reading this after May, sorry… but at least you can still order yours at the regular price, which is still a great deal!

Gifts For Father’s Day: I Love My Dad Cuff Links

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Gifts for Father’s Day…every child would love to see their dad dressed up in these cuff links.  Father’s Day gifts have never been easier.  This Father’s Day, give the gift that will show off the love you feel for your dad.  Whether you are shopping for your husband or your father, this is a gift that literally says it all!  I love my Dad!  That’s the whole point of Father’s Day…to show your love for your dad.

I Love My Dad Cuff LinksAnd now, with these sweet cuff links, you can say it with something that Dad will be proud to wear!  He’ll take pride in knowing that he is loved by those he loves the most.  Each set comes in a silver toned box, engraved with two lines of 15 characters each.  And the personalization is included for free!

This design makes me think of children’s notes to their dads, hanging on the fridge for everyone to see.  Now, that love has been captured to last through time with these darling cuff links.  Now, all you have to do is figure out what you want to say on the box.  You could go with the name, and I Love You and maybe the year.  But the possibilities are endless, so be creative and come up with something original.  He’s going to love it!

Gifts for Father’s Day won’t be a problem this year!  Just get these I love my dad cuff links with a personalized box and you’re all set.  Get ready to give Dad the best Father’s Day gift he’s had yet!

Gifts For Men: Outdoor Games

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If your family loves to play outside, then this is a great gift idea for you.  Gifts for men can be a little hard to find sometimes.  But, with our help, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift and have more time to spend with your family.

Corn toss is the game that is sweeping the nation.  It’s scored like horseshoes and is easy to learn, but it can take a while to really master the sport.  It comes in a self contained, sturdy plastic case that doubles as the targets.  They store well and have a carrying handle.  They’re pretty light weight, yet they are rugged enough to withstand the wear and tear that happens when families have fun together.

This is definitely a game that will be enjoyed for many generations.  It’s a game that anyone can enjoy.  Just divide into teams, set up the targets, and have a really great time with the ones you love.

This corn toss game can be played on just about any surface as well.  Grass, sand, woodlands, and even driveways are ideal for playing this fun and competitive game.  It’s so versatile it will soon be a family favorite.  Give it as a gift for him.  Gifts for men have never been so easy to find.  This game has it all.  It’s timeless, easy to learn, fun for any age, and competitive in a good way.   You know, they say the family that plays together stays together, and I think that’s true.  Turn off the TV, get outside, and have a great time making memories.

Click Here to see the Driveway Games All Weather Corntoss Bean Bag Game

Gifts For Men: Personalized NFL Dog Tags

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Gifts For HimGifts for men can be really hard to find.  But, these NFL dog tags are a great gift idea.  They come with free personalization, so you can say what you want and make the gift even more meaningful.  Guys who love football will be sure to love these NFL dog tags.  Pick his favorite team and you’ll be all set with a wonderful gift you know he’ll enjoy.

Whether he wears it proudly or  hangs it from his rear view mirror, he’ll be showing his team logo for everyone to see.  This is a great gift for any man who loves football.  Just watch his eyes light up as he opens his gift and realizes it’s something he’ll really enjoy.

Guys love their football teams and show extreme dedication and loyalty when it comes to their favorite team.  They’ll argue about who’s the best.  They’ll shout and cheer for them while they’re watching the game on TV.  They’ll take every chance they have to see a live game.  You know they will be happy if you give them their favorite team’s dog tags, personalized with their own name and a message or birthdate.

Go ahead and give him something he’ll really love.  Give him these personalized NFL dog tags.  You know he deserves it and he’ll be sure to appreciate this gift more than anything else he could get.  Everyone should get what they want for their big day.  He’s no exception.  Gifts for him aren’t really as hard as you thought.  Just get what he wants and he’ll be happy.

Gifts For Him: Personalized Deluxe Leather Valet

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Personalized Leather ValetHaving problems with a messy, cluttery desk or dresser top?  Perhaps your husband empties his pockets and piles it all on top of the dresser every night.  This is quite common and doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your husband.  Maybe you just need a gift for him.  You may just need to provide him with a place to put his things.  A place that he can call his own.  This personalized leather valet is just right.  It’s handsome and has plenty of room and small compartments to hold all of the things from his pockets.

With all those compartments, he will be able to quickly sort his pocket treasures into neat compartments.  Then, close the lid and all you’ll see is a beautiful black leather top, with his name engraved on a handsome plaque.  No more mess.  No more clutter.  And no more nagging!  Everyone hates to feel like they’ve got to nag their husband to do things.  Well, now, he’ll do it himself.

So, what have you got to lose?  All it takes is a simple order form and your messy dresser problem is solved.  Just a few typed fields to let us know what name to put on the plaque and you’re home free.  Then, wait for the delivery truck and…presto!  Clean bedroom, desk, or wherever you decide to put it.  On second thought, you may need a few.  One for the dresser, one for the office, and one for the desk at home.  And it’s all thoughtfully disguised as a sweet gift.  No mention of any messy dresser problem.  It just goes away!

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